Daily Devotions

Our Confidence is His Portal

(Kathy Gabler)—Our complete confidence in Him is like a portal for His entry and workings in our life, and that pleases Him. Recently, the Lord illustrated this vividly for me. I awoke from a nap hearing the Holy Spirit say, “Kathy, your confidence in me becomes my access to you and your situation.”  Immediately, I saw a cylinder around me.  It was bright white in its interior circular wall.  Although I could only see so far up into the distance above my head, I knew the cylinder stretched into the heavens.  The corridor seemed to be a straight shot from me to God and I had a knowing that it passed right through second heaven without interference.  Being in that cylinder was like being in a gigantic artery from my heart to His, and the artery had no plaque build-up, fear or doubt or unbelief that could block His supernatural flow. The vision convinced me that my complete confidence in God forms an unhindered path for Him into my life, and confidence filled my being.  Stillness seemed definitely doable.  

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