Daily Devotions

Reacting in a Dream

(Kathy Gabler)—When considering a dream or vision, note your behavior and reactions during the experience.  It is helpful to remember how you felt and reacted during a dream or vision because when you wake up, your emotions and logic can change everything.  For example, if you dreamed you are at a funeral of a beloved person, but in the dream there was no upset or sadness on your part, that says the dream is symbolic and not about literal death and loss.  However, the next morning when your emotions wake up and you relive that funeral scene, you may feel gut-wrenching grief over the loss. You can miss the message of the dream if your awake-emotion contradicts your response during the dream. Or when your fear wakes up you may be terrified for the person and get them thinking they are under a death threat before breakfast.  Or when logic wakes up, you may feel cold-hearted and ashamed that you were not sad and again miss the message of the dream.  The message in that dream boils down to either that person or your relationship with them is facing major changes, but not changes that include devastating trauma. (Third excerpt from “Continuing to Consider Dreams and Visions”)
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