Daily Devotions

Available for New Experiences

For God to get something transitioned from His heart into the earth, He must find someone or several someones to cooperate. In order to cooperate, those someones must be willing to add to their present experiences. They must be courageous enough, hungry enough to accept new experiences from God! Some people have nailed down the lid on their “experience box”. Others have closed the file on further experiences from with God. Some have closed the books to any more entries. Jesus commanded 500 of His followers, “Tarry in Jerusalem until….” Yet only 120 went to Jerusalem and “waited until”. Why should 380 people who have the attitude “Been there, done it, got a T-shirt” “wait until”? The Promise of the Father came. A group of people still received power from heaven. But the point is: 380 people didn’t get over their bewilderment and receive. 380 people ended up merely reading about what happened to 120!
Beside Still Waters with Marty Gabler
An evening devotion of reading the Word and prayer.
CLICK HERE to watch “I Can Run Through a Troop”

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