Daily Devotions

Waking Up

We are rejoicing in the cooler fall weather and are sensing that there is shifting going on in more than just the natural seasons. Rom.13:11a “And this, knowing the season, that already it is time for you to awake out of sleep…”. I declare to you that the people of God are waking up to matters and individuals who have been busily available to the machinations of darkness as willing pawns to produce chaos and resist righteousness in this nation. “Sleep” that has hindered recognition and participation in the advancement of the Kingdom is being wiped from our eyes so that we may clearly see what has been presented as mere political maneuvering to promote a candidate and their party. It is not being wiped away so we may simply lay blame but so that we may actively be involved at every possible level, especially in prayer and declarations. Our President and his co-laborers in moving our nation toward righteousness must have our continual prayer covering. I urge you to read my article in this issue of SEEC Magazine “Why the Uproar and Rage?”. It has been mailed out through the US Postal Service and through email. In my article I quote Apostle Jim Hodges’ recent statement:  “America has a history of challenges and crises, and we have come to another defining moment, a tipping point. May the Spirit upon David come upon all the followers of David’s greater Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!”

SEEC Magazine Latest Issue   **Our 22nd Year of Publication!**
Marty and Kathy Gabler invite you to read  SEEC Magazine  Volume 22  Issue 5.


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