Daily Devotions

Band Aids Being Removed

When I heard that there would be pus extraction in 2017, it was with the realization that it was being extracted in these areas (to name a few) with a view toward 2018: GOVERNMENT LEADERS with dark roots e.g., Traitors, Tyrants, Secret Societies, Slave Masters and those which have held manipulative sway in the high courts of this land! WITCHES are being brought to the light so their tentacles will be cut off of this nation and THE CHURCH; SOCIETY’S BANDAIDS like, “Anything goes because I’m a victim“ are also being extracted. RELIGIOUS IDEALS like man-made, manipulative ideology that has held sway in the man-made “high positions” of the church were also extracted. This year of extraction also included our being extracted from captivity and we are victoriously coming out with all the bells and whistles GOD had originally installed!

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