Daily Devotions

Extracting the Poison

(Melissa Gabler)  I remember at the beginning of last year hearing 2017 is the year of pus extraction. Therefore, a drawing salve season began: The reason drawing salve works is that it softens the skin around the splinter or whatever else is in there and this then enables the body to more easily eject the foreign object. This is something that the body does naturally anyway, but by moisturizing the area and using anti-inflammatory agents you simply encourage this to work more quickly before the wound closes over it. At the same time it can encourage blood flow which will also help to create pus, and as the pus is ejected from the body so too is the foreign object. That last bit of poison has a tendency to try and hold on for dear life. So, don’t give up (Gal.6:7-9)  (Second excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “2018 So Far”.)

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