Daily Devotions

Wheat and Tares at War

(Jim Hodges) One of the main points in the parable of the wheat and tares is that the tares are not removed until they mature while mixed in with the wheat.  Attempts to remove the tares from the wheat during growth will destroy the harvest.  So, in history, wheat or sons of the Kingdom grow together simultaneously with the tares or sons of the evil one.  They are occupying the same earth and they are at war because of two different agendas.  That is the basic reason that becoming a son or daughter of God is signing up for conflict.  Peace only comes by winning the conflict, not just tolerating the enemy.  The time for removing the tares is when they fully manifest what they are, like Jesus cast out devils when they manifested.  (Hear Jim Hodges (fmci.org) at Kingdom Congress 2018 March 7-9.) Grace: 936-856-2455
KC2018 Location and Schedule: KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 INFORMATION

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