Daily Devotions

Pursuing Jesus This Year

(Larry Burden) “As 2018 is now in motion, anticipate the extraordinary manifestations of the Holy Spirit as you continue to pursue the realities of our Father’s eternal kingdom. It is our year to grow in maturity, to increase in spiritual strength and to prosper in our assignments of the harvest. It is our year to expect the unexpected interventions of God in our life situations. We must not confuse our conditions with the truth of God’s character. We must expect extraordinary health, expect our prayers to be answered, and grow in our confidence in God! Remember, it is not what we think we are that stops our growth, it is what we think we are not that stops us. What we pursue, we become like. Let’s pursue Jesus with all our hearts this year!”   (Larry will be speaking at Kingdom Congress 2018 March 7-9.)
Kingdom Congress 2018 info:  KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018

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