Daily Devotions

Thunder: “To Call Aloud”

The following week after I had the vision about the war and the storm, exactly seven days later at 3:00 A.M., I was awakened again, this time to a literal storm. Thunder rattled the windows. The thunder was loud, unnerving and unending.  It seemed to be right over our house, pounding the windows and walls and it brought me fully awake. I sat up and awaited understanding and instructions to pray as the atmosphere around me seemed electric.  The most unusual thing about the thunder was that it was not coming in abrupt crashes but rather in a steady drumming sound in the heavens.  After what seemed half an hour or so, the thunderous vibrations slowly moved away, but I could still hear the continuous rumbling in the distance.

I looked up the Hebrew meaning of “thunder” which is “to call aloud; a voice or sound, a proclamation”. “Thunder crashes and rumbles in the skies. Listen! It’s God raising his voice! Job 26:11.  And this is only the beginning, a mere whisper of His rule. Whatever would we do if He really raised his voice!” Job 26:14  “Whenever this happens, my heart stops– I’m stunned, I can’t catch my breath.  Listen to it! Listen to His thunder, the rolling, rumbling thunder of His voice.  He lets loose His lightnings from horizon to horizon, lighting up the earth from pole to pole. In their wake, the thunder echoes his voice, powerful and majestic. He lets out all the stops, He holds nothing back. No one can mistake that voice–  His word thundering so wondrously, His mighty acts staggering our understanding.” (Job 37:1-5)  The week before, I had seen Him break through second heaven to release His will into the earth.  This week, I sat listening to His voice charge the earth’s atmosphere and make it tremble with anticipation.   (Second excerpt from Kathy’s article “Breakthroughs Coming”— First excerpt was posted on 1-15-18)
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