Daily Devotions

Father Showing Up

Now, considering the Father bringing his possessed son to Jesus, let’s factor in something: anticipating Kingdom Power and participating in Father’s business is not always going to be a marathon like Mark Chapter 9, nor will it always be a testimony of biblical proportion. It may center around what seems ordinary or unspiritual because Father’s business includes showing up in the everyday life of His sons.  Here’s a real-life example of that:  A friend, Hermana Cruz, from Venezuela was walking on the street to her daughter’s door.  A man on a motorcycle rushed up and put a gun in her chest to rob her.  In reaction, she formed a gun with her hand and touched his temple and said, “Who’s going to shoot first?” (That’s anticipating the POWER and government of God to prevail in the moment.)  He fell over the bike while scrambling to escape, and he ran away yelling, “You’re crazy!  You’re crazy!” (Sixth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s SEEC Magazine article “Sons Must Get It”.)

Dreams Visions Prophecy 2017  Sept.22-24  Information

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