Daily Devotions

Wait on God

Instead of picking a point to throw our hands up and quit, I’m thinking it might be wiser to expect God to be God and to wait on Him.  Psalm 25 says, I mansitlookupwill wait on God .  That means I will gather all my expectations and twist them into a strong cord and hold on to my confidence that God will have the last word on all matters that concern me.  It also means that I will trudge through disappointment and delays until I get to His results.  That is simple truth that sometimes seems extremely complex to live just because life is so daily.  It is a daily challenge to wait on God and wake up to face sameness without flinching and to outwit reasoning that demands we “get real” and find a livable acre this side of a miracle.  Stress sniffs us out daily when we are waiting on God, and if it gets a grip, it will drag us into emotional fatigue that can lead to weariness in our attitude.  The word says not to be weary in well doing.  Waiting on our faithful God is “well doing,” but if we get snared in weariness, we are liable to faint and miss our awaited God outcome (Gal 6:9).
(This is the sixth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Christmas Miracles“ taken from Volume 20 Issue 6 of SEEC Magazine.)


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