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Manifest Sons Manifest Christ

AdultSonFatherThe following is an excerpt from a message by SIMON PURVIS. (Bro. Simon is speaking at Kingdom Equipping Congress 2016. The theme is “Sons/Daughters of the Kingdom”. Info: martygabler.com/kec2016)

I watched the season when we all tried to find our purpose while living external. There is only one purpose in earth, different functions but only one purpose. In Philippians 1, Paul was in prison and the people were praying for his deliverance. He made this statement, “The thing is not whether I live or die, the purpose is that Christ be manifest. For me to live is Christ.” You may be called to be an apostle or prophet, but that is not your destiny or purpose. That is a function in which you are to manifest Christ. Until we find out that our purpose is to manifest Christ, we will not know what life is about because callings and giftings will not satisfy. When we know Him internally, the motive is love and the purpose is that Christ be manifest. There is no other purpose for the saints. If we know Christ externally and get caught up in destiny and purpose, we fight people to the top, but manifest sons manifest Christ. Things that were important in the external are no longer important when we move into the internal.(This article was taken from a teaching given by Simon Purvis. He is the lead teacher at the Word of Life Teaching Center in Luflin,TX. Training is at 10:00am each Sunday. To contact him about speaking engagements or to purchase his 160 page study manual on the Kingdom of God, call Word of Life Teaching Center at 936-639-2000; Email: wol-luf@consolidated.net)For info on KEC2016: martygabler.com/kec2016/

SIMON PURVIS is speaking at the Kingdom Equipping Congress.
KEC2016 March 2-4, 2016
Audio excerpt Simon Purvis at KEC:
More Info on KEC2016: martygabler.com/kec2016/

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