Daily Devotions

God Working in Long-Standing Issues

I DECLARE:  **5.  God is working in His people concerning longstanding issues that have excuses.
Longstanding issues that our families have excused, doctors have excused and culture has excused, but they are detrimental, even damaging.

–I declare that that cover of excuse, as legitimate and sentimental as it may be, is being pulled off in coming days.

–The life-changing power, the convicting/convincing power of the Holy Spirit is going to get beyond those soul issues and beyond those excuses and bring us to deliverance spirit, soul and body.

–As the Living Word and the Holy Spirit do that, I declare that our effectiveness level is going to significantly rise throughout the year.

–We will not be herded like cattle.

We will not listen to the mindset of this world/age perpetrated by the media and be herded like cattle under the protective cloud of our excuses.

That cloud is being blown into the sea.

The wind of heaven is blowing and those clouds of excuses are blown away.

(Each year these declarations come out of seasons of prayer for those with whom Marty has a degree of influence. If you would like to read them all you may go to this link: 2018 DECLARATIONS)

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