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Rehearsals Through Dreams

I believe God sometimes calls us to rehearsals through dreams.  The Spirit of God can enlarge our vision and plant hope in our hearts as we sleep.  These dreams can become un-carnal weapons in our arsenals.
WalkWaterDreamI’ve heard many dreams of people ministering under a tremendous anointing or doing supernatural exploits under a heavy anointing.  Others have experienced the powerful presence of God in a dream that is beyond anything they’ve known.  Still others have dreamed of powerful exploits at work or dreamed of the elation of great accomplishments in their community.  Some have literally experienced such dreams and then had them come to pass.  Others are left to wonder the purpose of such dream experiences.  I do not believe God-sent dreams are wasted or without purpose.
Such dreams build confidence in us, like a play rehearsal builds confidence that we know what to do when the time comes.  These dreams can influence our desires and goals and set us upon God-ordained pursuits, provoking us beyond hindrances and limitations in life.  They can be equipping dreams, opening us to the newness of obediences ahead.  I believe rehearsal dreams are sometimes the confirmation or Amen ahead of time, so we will be assured something is God when we get there.  After all, direction is easy to recognize when we have already rehearsed the path in dreams.

(This is an excerpt from Chapter Three of Kathy’s book “The Heart of Dreams” This is the third edition with more content and more symbols.)

Kathy Gabler will be speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY  Sept.14-16, 2018.



Speaking on God’s Scale

Prophetic voices are voices that speak on the same scale God is speaking on.  We should be speaking the heart of God which brings about those MegaphoneManthings which man cannot accomplish. If we speak for God we speak in “giant” language, not “ant” language like those who have adapted their thinking to the present world system (Rom.12:2). In many cases we have learned to talk like the Egyptians and the Babylonians whose gods had moral shortcomings and fickle emotions like the people who served them.

Early in the twentieth century aged plodders were still plowing with mules while young women were flying solo coast to coast. The aged plodders were using language like “plow”, “mule”, “harness”, “one acre”, “man wasn’t meant to fly”; and young women were using language like “magneto”, “propeller”, “rudder”, “elevator”, “altitude, “three thousand miles” – words the old plodders could not even define. The old plowmen would hold tightly to their plows, look up at the new-fangled flying machines and sadly shake their heads at what they perceived was utter nonsense. Prophetic voices have God’s perspective on what is and what shall be and refuse to be bound by the limitations of the poverty of the human experience. The only word God will get into agreement with is His Word which is more than adequate in any age.
(This is an excerpt from Marty’s article “Prophetic Voices”.)


Wise and Harmless Dreamers

TwoPeopleTalkingDreamers and visionaries can learn to be wise and harmless.  We can ask for wisdom so that we do not mistake insight for a license.  Also, we can remember to consider our dreams as OUR telegrams with a purpose for ME!  If you are convinced a dream is for someone else, at least get godly counsel or agreement before sharing it. 

The spoken word is powerful.  Therefore the spoken dream can become a living, driving force – positive or negative.  Lord, help us to remember the tongue has the power of life and death and reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing, (Proverbs 12:18)

(This is an excerpt from Chapter Two of Kathy’s book “The Heart of Dreams” This is the third edition with more content and more symbols.)

September 14-16, 2018 at Grace International Church Willis,TX

Growth and Development

Concerning Growth and Development: I once heard a known speaker on TV say that if a gift is from God it comes full-grown and there is nothing TreeGrowthfor a person to grow in.   (1)  Scriptural precedent shows us that our Heavenly Father is willing to work with our humanness and allows us time to develop.   (2)  The scheme in Galatians shows us the process of a growing son and his father’s willingness to trust him after various stages of development (Gal.4).   (3)  The master in Jesus’ parable of Matt.25 trusted his servant at a much higher level after the servant proved himself capable at a much lower level.  (4)  In Lk 2:40, 52 Dr. Luke speaks of the growth and development of the Person we call Jesus.   (5)  Even the young prophet who ministered in a high-profile incident in 1Kings 13 needed to grow and develop before he was able to properly discern matters.   His immaturity and inability to discern properly was his loss and a lion’s gain (v.24).   (6)  The Hebrew writer encourages us to train our senses so that we may be able to discern (Heb 5:14).   (7)  Although Elisha had spent some period of time with the great prophet Elijah, his mentor informed him that there was a great deal more to come.

(This is an excerpt from Marty’s booklet “Now That I Have Begun to Prophesy”.)

Remain Solidly Committed

oak-treeAs the people of God assemble today, may they recall the
blessings of God and the rich, life-giving Word of God and
be encouraged and strengthened to remain solidly committed to Him.

When he arrived there, he was pleased to see what God had done for
them out of kindness. So he encouraged all the people to remain solidly
committed to the Lord. (Acts 11:23, GW)

Dreams and Conversion

In one African Muslim country, a young man violently tore up a Bible tract and threatened the life of The Every Home for Christ worker going door-to-door with the literature.  The next afternoon as the worker sat in his home, he was shocked to see the man knock at this door saying, “I must have another booklet.”  The Muslim explained that the previous night two hands awakened him, and when he turned on a light and asked who was there, a voice said, “You have torn up the truth.”  The voice instructed him to acquire another booklet, directing him to the worker’s home.  There the Muslim read the booklet and became a believer and is now preparing for ministry.  An Assemblies of God missionary said, “It all takes place in context, dreams are one step, a link in the chain that leads to conversion.”

(This is an excerpt from BARBARA JIMENEZ’s article “Dreams That Carry Mandate” SEEC Magazine Volume 19 Issue 4) Dreams Visions and Prophecy Conference 2015 NO FEE  * * * September 25-27, 2015 Marty Gabler, Kathy Gabler and Barbara Jimenez Grace International Church just north of Houston off I-45 Information:  https://martygabler.com/dreams-visions-prophecy/

The Holy Spirit Is Available

Jn 16:13  “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever LightRayGardenPathHe hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. 14  “He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you. 15  “All things that the Father has are Mine; therefore I said that He takes of Mine and will disclose it to you.”   The Holy Spirit now makes available to all what was only available to a few in the Old Testament. (Lk24:49; Jn16:13; 20:22; Acts1:8; Eph5:18; 1Jn2:20) We must have impartation from the Holy Spirit to know what is to come. He takes the things of Jesus and shows them to us. Jesus is the One who has a future and if we are to participate in HIS future, we need to know the things that are of Him.

Isa 33:5  “The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high; He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the LORD is his treasure.” (Amp)

“He is the God who does the undoable,
changes the unchangeable,
and provides the impossible.”

(This is the last excerpt from Marty’s article “Time for Issachar“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)