Daily Devotions

Rehearsals Through Dreams

I believe God sometimes calls us to rehearsals through dreams.  The Spirit of God can enlarge our vision and plant hope in our hearts as we sleep.  These dreams can become un-carnal weapons in our arsenals.
WalkWaterDreamI’ve heard many dreams of people ministering under a tremendous anointing or doing supernatural exploits under a heavy anointing.  Others have experienced the powerful presence of God in a dream that is beyond anything they’ve known.  Still others have dreamed of powerful exploits at work or dreamed of the elation of great accomplishments in their community.  Some have literally experienced such dreams and then had them come to pass.  Others are left to wonder the purpose of such dream experiences.  I do not believe God-sent dreams are wasted or without purpose.
Such dreams build confidence in us, like a play rehearsal builds confidence that we know what to do when the time comes.  These dreams can influence our desires and goals and set us upon God-ordained pursuits, provoking us beyond hindrances and limitations in life.  They can be equipping dreams, opening us to the newness of obediences ahead.  I believe rehearsal dreams are sometimes the confirmation or Amen ahead of time, so we will be assured something is God when we get there.  After all, direction is easy to recognize when we have already rehearsed the path in dreams.

(This is an excerpt from Chapter Three of Kathy’s book “The Heart of Dreams” This is the third edition with more content and more symbols.)

Kathy Gabler will be speaking at DREAMS VISIONS PROPHECY  Sept.14-16, 2018.



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