Daily Devotions

Heat And The Future

It appeared on more than one occasion that Joseph would not finish his course. Power-people seemed to step in his way around every other corner. Yet, being sold for a slave was one of the steps that assured Joseph would get where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there. (Gen.50:20) It wasn’t simply a step in the direction of salvation for Israel, it also worked out some things in Joseph that he couldn’t take with him to the palace. Interpreting dreams in the prison tried and prepared him to interpret dreams in the palace. In the dark hours and the obscure places, he gained godly wisdom that would soon be in demand. We need people who know the future and have an assurance about the future. They are in great demand. They will always have job security. And, biblically speaking, it seems those people step into position with the heat of the trying-furnace still on them.


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