Daily Devotions

Removing Tares

pull weedsIt is interesting to note scholars report that women and children were typically the ones who separated the tares from the wheat. It has already been noted that the tares can cause adverse symptoms, even death. The harvest of wheat would be worthless to the master of the field if it were discovered that there were any darnel (tares) in it. Yet, the women and children were called upon to remove the dangerous product. The women and children in this time of history and in this culture represent unskilled labor. Yet, they are the ones who are able to take care of business. In other words, that is how simple and easy it is to remove tares from our lives, our churches and our nation if we so desire they be removed. It doesn’t take any skill nor any great strength to remove tares so that the harvest is once again valuable. But the remaining factor is: the tares must be removed before the harvest is valuable and usable.

* I declare that the harmful, labor-intensive tares are being dealt with first in our individual lives and in the church and in the nation.

(This is the fifth excerpt from Marty’s article “Tares And Wheat.” In the next few days, there will be excerpts dealing with “Calling Things That Are Not” and “Incremental Change.”)
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