Daily Devotions

Calling Things That Are Not

baby eagle n momThere are so many changes and so much opposition to truth that everyone is readily calling things what they appear to be to them in the moment, in the season that they have to deal with them. Some may even be sticking certain labels on things, people and events out of fear that they may have to deal with them at some point. Much is changing and it is partly because we have gone through a portal in time and will not be able to force society and culture back into molds of the past. Some of the things we readily label out of past paradigms may be the fledgling beginning of new opportunities for the glory of God. A tadpole doesn’t look anything like a frog and that thing that comes out of an eagle’s egg doesn’t even resemble the beautiful creature gliding on the wind a 1,000 feet above the mountain tops.

(This is the sixth excerpt from Marty’s article “Tares And Wheat.” This excerpt deals with “Calling Things That Are Not.”)

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