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When the Kingdom and the Ekklesia Intersect

Kathy—The rebukes of Matt.8:26 and Matt.17:17 can stir up a bit of intimidation or condemnation unless we step back and get our bearings.  For one thing, we know there is always “wise insight” behind Father rebuking a son or daughter.  Also, when the Holy Spirit unfolds Truth, it is never for the purpose of condemnation.  I think the emphasis here is that where the Ekklesia and the Kingdom intersect, we are simply just “not in Kansas anymore Toto”!  And not being in Kansas anymore is a good thing because that means we’re not limited to Kansas either as far as resources or circumstances or timing or outcomes.  The lid is off when the Ekklesia and Kingdom intersect, and staying in the comfort of familiar, conventional churchianity is no trade-off for the awesomeness of those moments.