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Feet to the Path

Walking on the SidewalkAs we persevere through trials God
will not be manipulated or blackmailed
or bribed into shortening the time needed
to mature our character. Ps.66:8-9 says
that He holds our lives in his hands and
He holds our feet to the path. Evidently,
God not only intends for us to outlive the
heat of trials, He intends it to transform
us on our way through it. —Kathy

A Guide For This Season

GuideHikeHere’s what you need to know first and foremost: YOU are important, YOU have a piece that the rest of us need, YOU have a gift and skill combo no one else has, YOU will live and not die, YOU are created for His glory, and all of these things are His original intent for you! Now that that is in the atmosphere let’s talk about life in the season ahead.
(This is the first excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “A Guide For This Season”.)

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