Daily Devotions

Stay Aware for the Unique

KATHY — I awoke one night hearing my own voice saying, “It must be now!”  I fell back to sleep wondering what was going on.  The next day as I walked through the kitchen again those words came up in my spirit, “It must be now!” That time as I spoke, I heard the sound of wind whoosh by my ear.  I said, “Lord, what is happening?”  He said, “You are deploying angels and your agreement is crucial in timing.”  That stunned me but I’m beginning to realize the promptings of the Holy Spirit are bringing us into awareness to bring a sound of agreement out of us.  I heard the Lord say last Sunday, “I am going to do unique and powerful things, watch.”  That instruction to “watch” was a call to stay aware and ready to participate.  I believe we are in the Lord’s earth and in His history to see His righteous agenda turn nations!

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