Daily Devotions

Stand and Participate

KATHY—As the CHURCH, may we be AWARE of what is righteous and what is  not.  We dare not hold to an old mindset of hide until we rapturously escape!  No, this earth is the Lord’s and He is our Lord, so we’re on His side!  That means we take a righteous stand and participate with our Lord to make a difference.  A friend told me of his dream that carried this prophetic message: as the people of God stand up and turn from what is not God, we will see God move swiftly to bring about what is God!  So be it.  If the Lord has to pry us loose from traditions that are security blankets or mindsets we cling to like a pacifier, He loves us enough to do it.  In this decade of Awakening, may we work with God and not idolize past obediences or past sounds or past experiences, nor cling to formulas and drag around a “snake on a stick” (2Kings17). 

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