Daily Devotions

The Full Cup of the Amorites

KATHY—We have never been where we stand right now as the Church or as the Nation.  For over 100 years, the Church has been deliberately undermined as a godly force in our culture and our Nation has been systematically sabotaged, but “the cup of iniquity of the Amorites is full”, (100 years and 100% full!)  The meanings of the word “Amorite” tell the story graphically: the iniquity (darkness) of the “Top of the Mountain controllers” is FULL!  The iniquity (injustice) of the Public and the Prominent is FULL!  And just like God gave the Amorites centuries to repent but they would not, God has given old-bloodline world controllers centuries to repent but they have not.  So to quote 2Kings 17:17 again, God has had enough.  Justice will be ugly for the Public and Prominent in coming days, but justice now will be deliverance for generations to come, and God will avenge the innocent.

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