Daily Devotions

Processed to Stand in the Next Level

It could be, perhaps, that if you are (1) in a wilderness (Moses), (2) a prison (Peter), (3) a boat filling up with water (disciples on lake) or (4) the middle of a group of people on their way to throw you off a cliff (Jesus—He went from being little known to becoming widely known Lk.4:28-30) that you are not forsaken or forgotten about or being punished. Look what Jesus got to experience going to the next level: v.30-“Then passing through the midst of them, He went His way.”-What did that look like? Just exactly how did that happen? Not many people in history (if any) have experienced something on that level. V.32 speaks of a new level of authority after that; casting out demons effortlessly, diseases healed. It may be that you are being processed to be able to stand in the next level. 

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