Daily Devotions

Do Not Settle

“God has great things in store for you. Do not settle for where you are but go to the next level. Many of us are stuck in the same place in our lives, ministry and career that we were five years ago not amounting to our full potential. We become comfortable with what worked yesterday not realizing that God is calling us to another level; another level in our ministry; another level in our career and another level in our lives.” (Eston Swaby, Go to the Next Level.) The significance of going to the next level reaches vitally beyond our individual person and is stated poignantly by Jim Hodges (SEEC Magazine): “The battle rages because there are spiritual, cultural, and political forces which oppose the Gospel and its growth. These forces are adversarial, evil, and wicked. Thus, we need to go the next level in our responsibilities in intercession and involvement on all the fronts of the battle! I remind you of what the old hymn says: “There is victory in Jesus”.

Marty will be leading and speaking at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2023  March 1-3 at Grace Church Willis. All info for KC2023 is at this link:  KINGDOM CONGRESS 2023

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