Daily Devotions

Evidence Says we are at the Point of Awakening

Free Flag Grass SkyKATHY—If God’s plan seems absolutely impossible and unreachable in the present darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places of our nation and world, then consider that as evidence that we are at the point of an Awakening! When we look at our own nation, the evidence is in plain sight.  Or we could say that the stench is in plain smell. We are at the point of a “must-have” Awakening! Right here in these United States of America,  in our “Christian” nation, there is corruption in high places with no shame whatsoever, and the world is watching. Dark forces with lethal agendas are targeting our entire way of life, trying to destroy our economy.  Then there are repulsive, perverted things going on deep within our nation’s darkness, deep as in literally underground atrocities in tunnels. Then, there are the numerous atrocities against children. There are those who spend mind-boggling amounts on drugs and elixirs just so they can live longer and live out their depraved lusts and reprobate imaginings. We must see the light and be the Light of God that pierces this present darkness that’s trying to rule the world. God’s purpose for America is to display His Kingdom, His rule, His power and His will being done, not to self-destruct as a nation and lead the world to hell.

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