Daily Devotions


KATHY–Let us not be sabotaged by contradictions within our own thinking and beliefs. For example, a common misunderstanding among churched people is that we must expect and allow world conditions to get worse. However, the concept of passively allowing evil to be successful contradicts God’s Word and character. An unfailing principle of the Word is seedtime and harvest, whether it is good seed and good harvest or bad seed and bad harvest. So, world conditions get worse when evil sown comes to harvest. While that is a fact, the contradiction we need to be aware of here is that does not mean that getting worse is God’s will or original intent. We can agree with God and interrupt the sowing and reaping of evil. Thinking God intends to allow evil to succeed is contradictory to His character and principles, and that kind of mis-belief is a contradiction that causes conflict in our soul.  (This is an excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Contradicting Contradictions“.)

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