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A Vision of Churchill

Melissa–(This is a vision Melissa had. It is long but would have lost its flow had it been broken down into smaller excerpts.)   On November 17th, 2020, I had the first of a multiple part vision that I feel like is for this time.  It has brought insight, encouragement and excitement right in the middle of this most unprecedented time in America.

The first part of the vision began with me walking toward a stone bench on top of a cliff that overlooked the ocean.  I walked over and sat down on the bench.  As I sat looking out over the beautiful scene, I sensed someone walking up behind me.  I turned to see Sir Winston Churchill sit down beside me.  He did not say a word, he just grinned and held up two fingers in his famous V for victory sign.  I fell asleep hearing, “V for victory.”  When I woke up the next morning I looked up “V for victory” and sure enough the photo that popped up is the famous black and white photo of him holding up that sign.  I read an article about it and the author said, “It was the symbol that united the British people during the darkest days of WWII.”  This was a rather encouraging vision in the midst of some of the darkest days of the United States.  As encouraged as I was with this I had no idea there was more coming.   

Eight days later the vision picked up where it left off.  I was still sitting next to Mr. Churchill on that bench.  I looked out at the ocean when all of a sudden the tide started coming in fast like it had been sped up.  It was high tide on repeat and something was keeping the tide in constant motion and building.  I looked over at Mr. Churchill, still grinning, he motioned in the direction of the tide with his head like, “Keep watching”.  This was the end of the second part of the vision.  I was intrigued by the tide and did a little research on tides to see if that brought on any more insight.  I was reading an article on a weather website that lead into a podcast on tides in history.  The podcast was about how they used the tide to their benefit when they stormed the beaches of Normandy in WWll.  Absolutely floored I listened to it.  The gist was that they studied the tide and had a three day window to invade.  The enemy knew they were coming but did not know when.  The day the Allied Forces chose to go, the German General in charge of that location just happened to be out of town.  A statement made in this podcast was, “The tide played a major role in one of the most important days in human history.”  The tide is in our favor and the enemy has been blinded to the timing of God’s intervention.  

The vision then continued about a week later and I was still sitting on that bench by Mr. Churchill watching this unusual tide when all of a sudden the tide brought in a massive battleship.  This ship was so big that it stood taller than the cliffs surrounding it.  I watched as five gangplanks rolled out in preparation for whoever was on the ship and I sat intently waiting to see who that was.  There were several soldiers coming on deck and they were all in different uniforms.  One was wearing fatigues that looked like those worn in the Vietnam war.  Another was dressed in a uniform like a soldier from George Washington’s Colonial Army.  In the knowing a vision brings, I realized these soldiers were the same angels that had come to battle for us in wars in past history.  And I knew these angelic hosts were gathering  to fight again, not only for the United States, but for the globe.  

I was eagerly watching the ship hoping to see them deployed when I heard an explosion behind me.  I spun around to look and saw smoke and fire rising in the distance.  The scene behind me was dark and the land was scorched.  Mr. Churchill stood up and said, “Come, come.  The time is near.”  I asked him what he meant and he said, “The victory is at hand.”  He started walking with his hands behind his back and headed toward the explosion.  I went with him and as we walked along he said, “The rebuild will be supernatural.”  

I asked him another question, “ Are you part of the great cloud of witnesses?” He simply answered, “For such a time as this.”  Then, wondering if I had missed it, I asked him if the soldiers had disembarked.  He turned, looked me in the eyes and said, “Kairos.”  At this point I realized I was hearing a lion roaring in the distance.  We kept walking and my mind was all over the place.  So, while I struggled with my racing thoughts, Mr. Churchill looked over at me and tapped his temple (as though telling me to pull it together.)  Then he pointed ahead of us. When I looked forward, I saw a lion walking toward us.  It looked like a normal lion until it got closer.  This lion was a silvery gray color, and the closer it got the bigger it got.  It walked up to Mr. Churchill and stood face to face with him.  This thing was so big that Mr. Churchill was having to look up, and the lion was having to bow its head to reach him.  This creature was quite fierce and fearsome.  I quietly asked Mr. Churchill if the lion was friend or foe.  But before he could answer, I suddenly realized Winston Churchill knew this lion.  The lion was the Ekklesia he had encountered in WWII.  Rees Howells was an intercessor who played a major role, along with a group of young people, in shifting the tide of WWll through prayer.  This was the Ekklesia at work during Winston Churchill’s administration.

This is why Mr. Churchill and this lion were familiar with each other but the lion had grown quite a bit since they last met.  The Ekklesia (church) has grown! No longer worried about the lion being a foe, I was ecstatic as it moved toward and sniffed my heart. My spirit was leaping and I blurted out in agreement, “Yeeeeeessssssssss!”  The lion then lifted his eyes to the ship and a low, guttural growl began to fill the air.  I turned to look at the ship and the captain of the army had walked out on the bow, it was Michael.  That growl from the Ekklesia was a sound the chief prince, warrior archangel Michael is familiar with.  Michael lifted his arm and moved his hand in a circular motion and the ship began unloading.  It was like mighty winds were coming off those gangplanks!  I turned back to look at the lion, and it was already running with the angel army!

My view then changed and I was watching from above as the lion, surrounded by the army went straight into the scorched nation.  As the army was fighting the darkness, the lion would begin to roar.  Whenever that roar went out, the place where the lion was standing would change.  What looked like compacted soot would disintegrate and what was under it was vibrantly alive! This is where the vision ended.

I revisit this vision often because it is for this moment.  Seeing Winston Churchill spoke volumes.  I searched history to find that the man was tenacious and giving up was never an option with him, even during the darkest of times for a world at war.  “Victory is at hand,” and “The rebuild will be supernatural,” keep ringing in my ears!  THIS IS NOT OVER.  We are on the precipice of seeing a world we’ve never seen as the Ekklesia displays the power God intended His people to have.  We get to be a part of this. We get to be a part of the great awakening.  Wow! This is not the time to give up.  This is the time to buckle up and get ready for the exposing and overturning of evil in this earth.  Get ready, the fear of the Lord is going to hit this nation and bring revival and renewal.  “The Lord will go forth like a warrior, He will stir up His zeal like a man of war; He will shout out, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail [mightily] against His enemies.” Isaiah 42:13

(Melissa will be leading worship and speaking at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2023…. For What is Coming.  NO FEE. Detailed info for KC2023: martygabler.com/kc2023) (You may read Melissa’s articles in SEEC Magazine at: martygabler.com/magazine/)

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