Daily Devotions

Do Enemies Seem Invincible?

KATHY–In 2 Chronicles God’s people felt like they had no power to stand against the Ammonites and Moabites coming against them, and many Americans feel powerless today.  What makes an enemy seem invincible?   One answer is TENURE. Tenure means the condition of holding something in one’s possession.  An old enemy can hold ground so long that it is a challenge to even imagine taking that ground from him, much less actually doing it.  (That’s why draining swamps takes years.)  Corruption is an old enemy trait and definitely a modern day force at work.  There are corrupt people who have held positions of power for decades.  People often give up on trying to change corrupt leadership because it is so rigged with under-the-table deals or nepotism or bribery or blackmail or threats.  Corruption of moral values undermines justice and leaves injustices unconfronted as it fosters a dual standard that lets the guilty go free and lets demonized radicals run rampant.  They join those who have held ground and take more at will which causes many folks to feel powerless to stop them.  NUMBERS also can make an enemy seem invincible. There were so many Ammonites and Moabites that they seemed too huge a force to conquer.  CUNNING, SKILL and WEAPONS can make an enemy seem invincible.  On the news we watch old enemies cunningly accuse falsely, skillfully spin information and use their own dirty deeds as a weapon to project their guilt on those they fear. Quite simply, an enemy seems invincible when their evil intent is too extreme for a normal human to grasp.  In our nation today the sly ones at work seem too evil to defeat as they carry on their perverted agenda to murder the innocent in the womb in the name of privacy, as they attempt to control the media with fake news and censor all else, and as they try to corrupt morals and take the naive into slavery.  BUT, that is not the end of the story! Old enemies have not factored Almighty God into their plans, but they cannot factor Him out!

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