Daily Devotions

Well, That Backfired!

Melissa—I was having a discussion with a friend the other day about seeing demonic things and how it’s so unnerving.  We were discussing how to deal with it and basically how to prepare for the next time it happens.  As we are talking this out I start to realize something.  I grew up seeing things like this, and I grew up hearing about others in the church dealing with these things.  There has been more talk throughout my life of dark encounters than of encounters with the Kingdom realm.  I realize part of that is because it has been taboo to talk about angels too much because “we don’t want to get into angel worship”.  Well, that backfired! The fear of worshiping angels has led to entertaining demons, and the base of all of this is fear.  It boils down to fearing everything else and not the Lord.  Either we are bowing our knee in fear of the darkness or in fear/reverence of God and His Kingdom.  We are meant to deal with the demonic and entertain angels.  We partner with angels not worship them.

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