Daily Devotions

Mandate Still in Place

OUR MANDATE FROM GOD HAS NOT CHANGED. The mandate is still in place. It has not changed just because there is political turmoil throughout the nation and throughout the world or because there is a natural disaster in several nations at one time. We don’t have to look for a new mandate because it is the same one we have had for a long time (Mt.28:18-20); we just need to begin to give ourselves, our effort and our money to it. We are still supporting missions and investing in our spiritual sons/daughters, still making plans for the future and increasing efforts for the Kingdom. There are people talking about changing their plans and goals for their church because the coming of the Lord is so near. What we best be planning is planning to live like we have never lived for the purposes of God. Perhaps we should put less emphasis on talking about a Savior  and begin to live like we have a Lord Who has left us with a mandate and display that Savior.
Marty will be speaking at Grace Church Willis,TX Sunday 7-17-22.
CLICK HERE for location and time.

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