Daily Devotions

Things Within Causing Reactions

Kathy—Faults and slips and offenses are issues of the heart that affect how we think and therefore affect how we pray.  The insight here is that since our heart-thinking can be tainted or wrong at times, so can our prayers.  For example, I hate injustice.  That sounds noble and right in itself, but if I am offended by unfairness it is possible that my prayers could stem from hatred of injustice instead of a God-view to resolve  injustice.  Although an injustice is outside of me, the hatred of it is within and sometimes things that are within us cause a reaction instead of a godly response.  With an inner flareup of thoughts and impulses I could easily find myself cursing those involved instead of discerning the root of the matter to confront with effectual prayer.  And hatred could thrust me into war within that damages my health and never even affects the problem.  Prayer from the wrong perspective or wrong attitude is not effectual because it simply does not align with God, and it will not bring a powerful God-result. 

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