Daily Devotions

They Have Been There for a Long Time

Kathy—If you are breathing and reading this right now, you are already written into history’s script of an Awakening that is prewritten and predestined by God.  It is already happening and not just as a revival on the Church mountain of culture.  This Awakening will go down in history as more than a flash flood of souls coming into the church.  It carries an ever-increasing momentum that keeps leveling up in truth and revelation and clarity, and it will impact every mountain of culture.  In this 2020’s decade of Awakening, our eyes will be open with 20/20 vision to clearly see new things as well as things that we haven’t realized before now.  When God opened Elisha’s servant’s eyes, he suddenly saw the horses and chariots of fire, but they hadn’t just arrived.  They had already been there outnumbering the opposition, but Gehazi didn’t know it until his awakening.

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