Daily Devotions

Agreeing With God’s Stirrings

Kathy Gabler—Ekklesia (Church) missions are not always carried out in group settings.  We are the Ekklesia corporate whether we are on location together or not.  Last week, I looked out the front door at the early horizon.  It was hazy and silvery gray. The only outstanding thing was a black silhouette of a utility trailer in a field.  In that momentary scan across the horizon, my thought was that the silhouette looked like a canon in a civil war scene.  It was a few minutes later when I remembered that glance and the unusual thought.  Then I realized it was a visionary prompt to pray for our nation so that division and bloodshed could not divide and destroy it.  That’s a big prayer mandate and I knew I was not praying alone.  The Lord had surely stirred agreement and prompted others to pray also.  Perhaps some glimpsed a canon or a flag or a soldier or heard a bugle call to arms, who knows, but the Lord musters His army as needed.  So again, because we are His Ekklesia, may we not hesitate to pick up the keys for a Kingdom intersection or consider His prompts as optional!

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