Daily Devotions

Is it Symbolic?

Kathy—How do we know if a dream is symbolic?  Sometimes, it is definitely obvious right up front that a dream is not literal, like if your cat is driving your car.  (And no matter how smart your cat is, cats can’t get a driver’s license!)  On a side note, symbols may be personal because of how they fit in your experiences and frame of reference.  Case in point, if I dreamed a cat was driving my car, that would be a clear telegram for me that I am being soul-led rather than Spirit-led because a strong mindset is driving my thinking and behavior.  I would know that because in my symbols discoveries through the years, cats represent strong mindsets, preset opinions and intense attitudes.  However, a cat can represent something completely different to other people, like cats may represent companionship or home security because they kill mice, etc.  So symbolism begs the question: ‘How do you narrow down what a symbol means in a dream?’  The answer is that you develop an ear to hear a Holy Spirit “click” that turns the light on in your understanding and confirms the correct thinking.

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