Daily Devotions

A Click and a Heads-Up

Kathy—Literal means “real with no hidden meanings and nothing to be de-coded”.  Symbolic means “not real” and a detail represents something other than itself. If you dream there are birds all over your roof and it is symbolic, the birds aren’t really birds but they represent something else in the air or atmosphere or surroundings.  Landing on your roof top or your high place would be your head and/or mind.  So the message would be to guard your mind and thinking from something in the atmosphere trying to land and have presence or influence in you.  A further search for possibilities of what birds could symbolize would be the next step, and then consideration of those options until a meaning clicks with you or bears witness and brings clarity to the dream. For example, when I think of birds being symbolic, my first thought is a bird can represent gossip, as in “a little bird told me.” If your co-workers or neighbors or family are really into gossip, then perhaps the dream is a heads-up to be on guard so that gossip doesn’t get into your thinking and opinions and cause you trouble.  This is an illustration also of how a simple dream can be powerful equipping when we understand the information being passed on to us.

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