Daily Devotions

Toward Understanding Prophecy

Some have prophesied that a terrible judgment is coming upon our nation and the church will not escape it because of its various and sundry neglections of duty and its corporate and individual sins. Others have prophesied that the church has come into its finest hour and that a great awakening is imminent, the likes of which have never been seen. Some are very angry while others are quite elated and expectant. Some believe that one set of prophets have totally “missed it” and that those prophets should be reprimanded in a public forum and they should each give an apology to the church world and the world in general. There are people who are apologizing for being born a certain gender or a certain race or for having two bathrooms in their house instead of just one. Is it just me or is it possible that there is an unbelievable amount of irrationality in society that is irrationally demanding actions and policies that it has no reasonable right to demand? There are entities and individuals trying to answer questions that no one ever asked while using every aspect of politics and legislation to further their agenda. It all leaves us with the need to carefully weigh for ourselves what needs our attention and what needs to be placed in the category of “nonessential”.  (In my posts over the next week or so I will be posting on the subject “Moving Toward an Understanding of Prophecy” (Especially with everything that is going on).

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