Daily Devotions

Transferring Information

Kathy — The meaning of communication is “transferring information or passing along meaning”.  Communication is complete when that information or meaning is received and understood.  One dictionary put it like this, “A line of communication connects people and places to purpose and function.”  The Holy Spirit has unlimited ways to communicate with us.  When He is transferring God-glimpses or God-insights or God-moments or God-downloads or God-deposits or God-discoveries, He may use dreams or visions or prophecies or events or experiences or people, etc.  It might be just a nuance, a momentary feeling or a passing thought that signals us to be God-aware because there’s communication incoming.  Or, we can be prompted from a memory or a conversation or the words of a song or an ad in a magazine or a number on a door!  I’m talking about when unique details ping our radar and they are meant to get our attention so we’ll look for incoming insight.  

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