Daily Devotions

Cornelius at the Door

Kathy — There are times Father positions us for a mandate with something as obvious as a Cornelius at the door. A man knocked on our door one Sunday afternoon. Marty answered the door and the man introduced himself as a retired policeman from San Antonio who had moved into our neighborhood a few years earlier. He told Marty he had heard that we were ministers and waited for confirmation. When Marty answered yes, he proceeded to lay out a plan he had. He said there were several elderly and sick people in our neighborhood that could not attend church. He was concerned that his friends needed teaching and prayer and ministry but explained that he was raised in a non-evangelical denomination and didn’t know anything about the Bible. He told Marty that he would like to gather some people in the pool pavilion if Marty would come and preach to them! This was nothing we had ever seen coming, but our participation was clear and doable. 

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