Daily Devotions

Outgrow Feelings of Unworthiness

Kathy Gabler — I know a lady who was raised on the church bench.  She had such a heart for God when she was young, that she truly considered marrying a minister.  She is wired primarily eagle, who tends to require perfection in self.  She is also ox, wanting no conflict, and she has a motivational gift of serving as well.  She went right from high school to being a secretary.  As choices flowed in her life, she married young and went through two divorces.  Being a conscientious church girl, she saw herself as disqualified and a failure.  She struggled with thinking that her potential and purpose were lost.  For years, her self-image and self-worth were shaken.  However, even with those two elements shaken, she was one of those exceptional people that had enough strength of character not to allow her self-government to take a dive.  She remained diligent in her career and rose to executive secretary.  After dealing with taunting questions like “Who am I now?   Why am I here now? (since I’ve messed up so badly),” she came to the realization that God had not changed His mind about His original intent for her and her gifts and calling were still intact.  Today, she has overcome and is an awesome intercessor, just as she was originally intended to be.  She realizes now that even her time as a secretary was actually intercessory in nature, building bridges between problems and their resolve.  She outgrew her feelings of unworthiness to even allow the Holy Spirit to stir gifts in her of discernment and prophetic proclamation.

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