Daily Devotions

Lord of This Moment and….

Kathy — I sat alone downstairs at the piano, not really playing any particular song but simply flowing in sounds that came with His presence. I did not intend to sing but these words slipped out of my heart, “You are the Lord of this moment.” As soon as my words met the air, like an echo response I heard, “AND THE MOMENT BEFORE.” I could not have explained the sudden weeping had anyone overheard it, for it was a gusher from my heart outside my logic or understanding. Then when my understanding did open, the weeping would not stop. Though I didn’t realize it, that worshipful, prophetic declaration was also a cry from my heart for a moment of comfort and quietness that would shut out all the noise of need and concern and “what-ifs.” The awesome Spirit of my God did not miss nor ignore that heart-cry. If desperation had my ship listing, His four word echo set me aright. If anxiety was smothering, His words brought me a deep breath. If time was threatening, His words turned the clock back. If I feared I was at an unchangeable end, hope took me back to a new beginning. He was reminding me that before circumstances piled up, before dysfunction developed, before trouble troubled, He had seen it coming, and He had the table set for me
before my enemies even got there. It was a powerful reminder that His provision is there before the problem.

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