Daily Devotions

Redefining for the Next Generation

I knew of a pastor who spent his life building a great church in a large city.  Many lives were impacted by his faithfulness and the largeness of his vision.  However, there came a time to redefine his role and be repositioned for the effectualness of the vision to future generations.  The pride of being self-made gathered from the recesses of his years of experience.  Fear of losing his personal investment caused him to go back on promises to the next generation of leadership.  Pride, fear and self-determination kept him from synergizing with the potential of the future.  He held tightly to the heart of the church that he had built, and when he left, feet first, it went with him.  He started it and essentially ended it in one lifetime.  

“What used to be” is not the witness that will impact a community or a region for the Kingdom.   I AM is being misrepresented if He is not present-tense and awesome.  If we refuse to allow pride or fear to keep us from fresh and timely obedience, sons of God will be redefined and repositioned as needed and we will flow into a momentum that causes the good plans of God to manifest.  The groaning communities and regions will reel with the supernatural results and exponential harvest that He has planned. (Last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

MARTY GABLER may be viewed on Beside Still Waters – an evening devotion.
All segments of Beside Still Waters are archived on YouTube.
CLICK HERE to view “He Heard My Cry”


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