Daily Devotions

Not Easy Being Green

“It’s not easy being green”. The truth is that even if redefinition does reveal a right motive, a right heart, being repositioned is still a horse of a different color.  At that point, Fear usually steps up to filibuster, talking incessantly to delay action and cooperation, like a child wanting to learn to swim but staying on the side of the pool in indecision, talking fast about everything that comes to mind, asking a thousand questions to delay the process. No, it’s just “not easy being green”, especially after you have already ripened in another place.  The truth is however, that repositioning and redefinition into a new place does not mean we are “green” or the “new kid on the block.”  A new place does not make a diligent man of destiny a novice starting over.  On the contrary, God moves us to new opportunities because He knows we are prepared for it.  (Twelfth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Fresh Obedience”)

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