Daily Devotions

His Sufficiency Overwhelming My Insufficiency

“I didn’t feel near this good when I got here!”  Haven’t you heard someone say that just after a worship service where it seemed as though the joyful bliss of heaven touched the pain of present earth for a couple of hours?  Normally when I have felt like that was after an evening of being in the presence of God, lost in his loving touch.  Though I was in the middle of a crowd of people who were appreciating his divine presence, I was not cognizant of their praises, their position or their voices.  On one such an occasion, in a home Bible study, about twenty of us had been standing in a circle, holding hands and offering up worship and prayer at the end of the teaching period. Suddenly, as I was releasing praises of adoration, proclaiming the character and attributes of Father God, I realized who and what I was before the awesomeness of God.  Forty-five minutes later, while on my face in the middle of the room, I suddenly became aware of the others who were present that night.  But for forty-five minutes the praises of God witnessed to my heart my great need for God on that particular night.  I realized that for all I wasn’t, and that for all I lacked, God was sufficient.  At that very moment, though it had been a long and trying week, I was rested from the weariness and apprehension that had beset me because I was insufficient for all the requirements upon me.

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