Daily Devotions

Soul, Bless the Lord

Though supplication through prayer, making one’s needs known before God, was zealously taught David from the time he was a small child, David made his praises primary. It is apparent David sought God that he might know Him, while many were and are now seeking God only as a means to an end. If we had a recorder going 24/7, we might find it very interesting to hear the high percentage of pleas, requests and demands we make of God Almighty, as compared to the percentage of time spent in praise. “BLESS THE LORD, O MY SOUL,” the Psalmist cries. This is not a cry for assistance or “blessing” for he has not pleaded, “Bless my soul, Lord,“ but rather proclaimed, “Bless the Lord!” (Psalm 104:1) “…the Father seeks such people to be His worshipers.” (Jn.4:23b, Amp)

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