Daily Devotions

Whose Way?

It has often been said, “I don’t like that, we don’t do it that way where I come from,” indicating a determination not to accept or take part in whatever “it” is.  That statement has also been made in reference to various forms of worship which different groups have practiced in worship services. We must admit, we can’t go wrong by sticking with Scripture.  Perhaps the finest testimony concerning Israel is found in Exodus 39:43 “…they had done it just as the Lord had commanded.”  The first point of realization for the worshipper here is to realize that the worshiper is not the focal point in worship… God is.  The second point of realization that would greatly add to our worship is that we are to be responsive to what GOD WANTS.  It may be that form that we have rejected or it may be some act that we have yet to discover in the Scriptures.

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