Daily Devotions

God Really is Good!

(Melissa Gabler) — “You crown the year with your bounty, and your paths overflow.” (Ps. 65:11 AMP) “Crown” here is the Hebrew word “atar”. It means to encircle for protection. So, we really are tiptoeing into something big this year and we are protected as we approach our reveal. And let’s just top it off, “Your paths overflow” says this year is marked with abundance. The biggest fight we have at this point is truly believing our God is as good as He really is!  (Melissa is speaking and leading worship at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 Mar.7-9. Grace #: 936-856-2455)
(Listen to a worship video of Melissa. Just CLICK HERE.)
At KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 there will be life-impacting teaching.
There will be worship encounters.
Check out all information for KC2018. Just CLICK HERE.

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