Daily Devotions

The Victory of Jesus

(Jim Hodges)—The devil offered Jesus the kingdoms of this world in the wilderness. It is my conviction that Christ began to take on those kingdoms before the cross.  He took them on in the wilderness of Judea and won the victory there. He then celebrated the victory in the garden near Golgotha.  The whole ministry of Jesus is to transform a wilderness into a garden.  The Bible began in a garden and ends in a garden-like city. 

When the devil told Jesus in the wilderness that he would give Him the kingdoms of this world Jesus, of course, would not bow to him.  He defeated the devil in the desert as the Son of Man because He did not use deity powers to do so.  That gives us hope of overcoming the devil also.  On the cross, Jesus legally, judicially and covenantally stripped Satan of all his authority and made an open show of his being defeated. (Apostle Hodges is speaking at Kingdom Congress 2018 March 7-9.) KC2018 INFORMATION

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