Daily Devotions

The Literal Among the Symbolism

When considering a dream or vision, watch for literal aspects among the symbolism.  During the dream, this dreamer (mentioned in my 11-24-17 post) was anxious about who could help and who would be responsible for the outcome of this situation.  She was not able or even skilled to help with this medical situation. That detail indicated this was not God commissioning her nor a God-to-Man communication with instructions for her to hurry and handle her daughter’s challenge in real life. This dream was from within her and revealed her concerns  regarding her baby having a baby. 

Her daughter had just been appointed as a new pastor.  The anxiousness was because of the many factors a baby implies.  She was worried that her daughter may lack experience or ability or maturity or experience to handle what she was beginning.  Her dream brought the anxiousness that was already within her up into her awareness like a flood.  That is why she woke up feeling frantic with a sense of urgency.  When the dream revealed her inner fretting, that she had not realized, she knew she must choose to trust God instead of herself and come to relief and resolve through effectual prayer for her baby girl.  (Last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Considering Dreams and Visions”.)

Kathy Gabler teaches: 1Pe.5:8–The “lion” hopes to make the threshold your line of limitation. His goal is to make sure you don’t get to the fulfillment of the purposes of God for your life. When he is camping at your doorstep you begin to understand the nature of threshold wars.
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