Daily Devotions

Deciding to Act Upon Blessing

“For wide is the gate and broad is the way” is terminology that informs us it is easy to get to destruction. Making no decision can get us to destruction as well as making the wrong decision. Not going through ordained doors can end us up in destruction as well as going through doors someone (or something, e.g., misguided sentiment or obligation) other than Father opened for us. If you simply plant a garden and leave it and never attend it by pulling weeds and watering it, it will soon come to fruitlessness, even destruction. That which is ignored or neglected will soon grow up and choke out its life. If we neglect or ignore matters of health and nutrition our bodies begin to break down and fall into destruction. We must make choices to be healthy. Destruction can easily come without it having to be worked at. There must be a choosing of, and corresponding acting upon, life and blessing. (Fourth excerpt from Marty’s article “Doors and Self-Government”)


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